Product descriptions for food packaging – say what your customers want to hear

product description packaging

Which words speak directly to your consumers? What qualities distinguish your product from the competition? Select your product descriptions for food packages carefully as they might reveal more about your product than you might want. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice. How to win over customers with adequate product descriptions?

Are the days of bubble wrap protective packaging numbered?

bubble wrap packaging

Buying online has become second nature to most people. It’s quick, cheap and easy. Getting your goods delivered unharmed can be quite tricky though. Order and delivery services such as Amazon often use bubble wrap to protect valuable items but this may soon come to an end. Meet ExpandOS, the Styrofoam killer. Find out more about the future of bubble wrap.

Have you met the Second Aid Kit?

second aid kit

The Second Aid Kit offers helpful tips on what to do during an earthquake while packing a small supply of food and other helpful attributes one might need in times of disaster. And it looks great! Responsible for the design are Eisuke Tachikawa, Kaori Hasegawa and Toshiyuki Nakaie. Discover the Second Aid Kit!

What defines luxury packaging?

luxury packaging

It’s hard to define luxury, let alone create luxury packaging. For starters, luxury is subjective – what is pure luxury to you, might be common for someone else. And yet, we know luxury items when we see them, don’t we? Why is that? In other words, what defines luxury goods and how can package designers create packaging that has “luxury” stamped all over it? How to create luxury packaging? Find out here!

Selling products online? Get your labeling information right

How to get your labeling information right when selling online food? Check here!

As of 2015 products sold online should come with the exact same labeling information (production details, nutritional facts, ingredients) as their physical counterparts. When you’re managing multiple versions of the same product this can become a real challenge. Proper packaging and content management software has become even more essential to ensure the quality of your packaging while adhering to all regulations. Find out all about the latest labeling legislation!