Cold chain packaging and the question of eco-friendliness

what are the challenges of cold chain packaging?

Shipping edible and pharmaceutical products requires packaging that is, one, rigid enough to protect the goods and, two, keeps things nice and cool. Cold chain packaging, necessary for all kinds of food and pharmaceutical applications, faces numerous challenges with the rise of environmental opposition. The question for packaging designers around the world is this one: “How to create efficient, affordable insulated packaging when public opinion continues to shift in favor of more eco-friendly materials that are reusable, biodegradable, compostable or ideally easily recyclable?” What are the challenges cold chain packaging is facing in the year to come?

Avoid these packaging mistakes that could ruin your business

Avoid these packaging mistakes

When done correctly packaging can really make just about any product shine on the shelf. In order to be successful your design should excel in creativity and functionality. However, some brands invest all their money in creative concepts but forget about functionality. A train wreck is what ensues. Learn from these packaging mistakes!

Reusable secondary packaging vs expendable packaging

reusable secondary packaging

Today, one of the packaging industry’s main objectives is to create environmentally friendly designs. The goal is to make great looking packages that are, above all, easy to recycle. While very noble and necessary, it cannot be denied that there is another, more effective way of achieving sustainability: simply reusing packaging. The last couple of years reusable secondary packaging seems to have disappeared from radar, while it shouldn’t have. More on reusable secondary packaging design here.

How to stand out on the shelf when practicality is more important than innovation?

How to stand out on the shelf when innovative packaging is not the answer?

Some retail markets are driven by innovative packaging designs, while others are more restrictive. What strategy can packaging designers use to make their products stand out on the shelves, when innovation is out of the question? It’s a matter that’s been bugging many designers and one that doesn’t have a clear-cut answer, unfortunately. Nevertheless, we will make an attempt. Discover how to stand out without being innovative.

The benefits of recycling glass packaging

The benefits of recycling glass packaging

While glass containers are far from ideal for shipping purposes – they are heavy, take up a lot of space in trucks and are prone to breaking – the benefits of glass packaging far outweigh the disadvantages. Recycling glass is easy, saves an incredible amount of raw materials, lessens the demand for energy and cuts CO2 emissions. This article covers some of the most striking advantages of glass as a packaging material. Discover the benefits of recycling glass packaging.

Will smart tags change the food packaging world?

smart tags on food packaging

Chinese scientists have developed “smart tags” that might just bring an end to the smell test consumers often have to carry out to figure out whether or not a carton of milk has gone sour of if eggs are still edible. The small gel-like tags, about the size of a corn kernel, change color when food has gone bad, even before the packaging has been opened, and can be stuck to any food container, according to the creators. Discover the new smart tags!