“Cans” versus “cartons” – what’s the most eco friendly packaging material?

What’s the most eco friendly packaging material: cartons or cans? Read on to find out.

It’s an ongoing discussion in the packaging world: what’s the most eco friendly packaging material? Cans or cartons? Cartons are more efficient to pack and ship and also require less packaging material than a steel can. And still, cans may be heavier but they’re also easier to recycle than cartons. So, which packaging material wins the battle of the environment? Which is the most eco friendly packaging container?

Innovation in packaging pays off – it’s as simple as that!

Innovation in packaging helps sell your product, a new research reveals. Read the precise outcomes here.

Have you ever wondered if your enduring efforts to come up with innovative new ways to package the same old product are worthwhile, the answer is: yes! New research by Pelican Communications shows that almost four in ten consumers are affected by innovations such as resealability, extended shelf life, ease of opening and interactive features, such as QR codes. Innovative packaging really does pay off, so it seems … Find out why innovation in packaging is important.

3 ethical packaging problems designers and brands face every day

Some brand use packaging to mislead the consumer. This article explores the most common ethical problems packaging designers are faced with.

Packaging is more than just a container to provide protection for a product. In most cases it defines a brand’s identity. As such, it’s a very powerful weapon in the ongoing battle for the consumer. And herein lies its problem: some brands use packaging to mislead potential buyers and coerce them into buying something they might not really need. In this article we will explore 3 of the most common ethical issues a packaging designer or brand might face. Which ethical issues are packaging designers confronted with?

Why rounded beverage packaging graphics work better

rounded beverage packaging

According to a report from the Institute of Psychological Sciences in the UK consumers prefer circular shaped beverage packaging graphics on labels. In terms of purchase likelihood, all participants indicated a preference for rounded graphics, as well as upwards orientated graphics. It remains unclear, however, as to why we prefer these shapes. Discover the secrets to rounded packaging graphics!

Global packaging design: what’s lost in translation?

global packaging

Launching a new product worldwide, global brands have to make sure their marketing campaigns are translated adequately for each target market. Global companies want to make sure that the message they’re conveying is the same for each language, in each country. Packaging designers have to take into account the cultural background of the target group. Colors, for instance, have different meanings in different cultures, making it often necessary for global brands to come up with different designs, targeted toward specific countries. Learn more about global packaging design!