5 concept packaging designs that should be real

Here are 5 concept packaging designs you regret having not created yourself. Have a look and marvel!

Every once in a while we come across some truly inspiring concept packaging designs that are really too great not to show. Created by students or professional designers, it’s a pity these concepts aren’t available in stores. Luckily, they can shine here. Have a look at our top 5 list of concept packaging! Discover these great concept packaging designs …

Eco packaging and brand equity: “Stop the water while using me”

Do you know the brand “Stop the water while using me?” They provide a valuable instruction against water spillage.

Turning ‘green products’ into a successful business model is quite a challenge. “Stop the water while using me”, a German-based company does it, and quite successfully so. They sell soap products in containers bearing the company name as a warning and instruction for the user. It’s a clever and bold move that deserves our attention. Learn more about this great example …

6 cute packaging ideas that will make your day

cute packaging

Packaging is not normally associated with adjectives such as ‘cute’, ‘adorable’, or ‘sweet’, yet some designs have the power to endear even the most callous-hearted design lovers. Start your day with these lovely examples of cute packaging! Be ready to go ooooh with these cute packaging ideas …

How to become a packaging designer?

Do you dream of becoming a packaging designer? What to study and how to best prepare yourself for a career in packaging, you’ll find out here.

Are you a regular visitor of the Esko blog? Do you often buy products you don’t really need but simply couldn’t resist because of their creative packaging design? In short, are you a packaging aficionado who can’t wait to start on your own designs, making a living out of your passion? Find out what you need to do to become a packaging designer and fulfill your dream! The road to becoming a packaging designer starts here …

4 trends e-commerce packaging designers have to take into account

Packaging is generally not one of e-retailers’ main concerns. Still, these 4 packaging trends should be picked up by web shop owners.

Generally speaking, e-commerce packaging isn’t as innovative nor creative as, say, the food packaging industry. Their main concern lies in other areas, outside of packaging (social media or customer capture, for instance). Yet packaging can be a big deal even when you sell your products online. Here are 4 trends e-commerce packaging designers ought to take into account. What does the future hold in store for e-commerce packaging?

What you see is what you buy — Why food comes in clear packaging (most of the time)

Clear packaging is a big plus for food companies. Consumers love to see what they are buying. There are some challenges though.

Fact: Shoppers are more inclined to buy when they see what they’re getting. Brands know this too. That’s why many foods come in clear packaging. Still, transparent packaging comes with a couple of challenges. How do you make sure food looks tasty after transportation and shelf stocking, for one? Food makers need to adjust their tactics with visibility in mind. Discover the attraction of clear packaging.