Learn how packaging optimization can save you money

packaging optimization

Reducing costs and improving the efficiency of the packaging, that’s what packaging optimization is all about. By reducing the amount of packaging materials needed per unit and designing the shipping case to fit pallets and trucks better, brands can reduce logistics expenses considerably. Here’s how to save money via packaging optimization. Read more…

“Soap packaging isn’t an art?” – We beg to differ …

soap packaging

And we think you’ll agree after having seen these fine pieces of soap packaging goodness. Soap is one of those products packaging designers and brands can use to really distinguish themselves from the competition. It’s the ideal vessel for creative power. Care to take a ride with us? Beautiful soap packaging galore here!

The psychology of color in food packaging

food packaging color

More than 90 percent of shoppers make snap judgments about products based on color alone. In other words, the psychology of color greatly impacts our behavior in-store. Red, for instance, triggers our appetite more than any other hue by stimulating our emotional responses and memory triggers. Red is, however, also the color that implies danger in most cultures across the globe. How then can food packaging designers and brands use color to boost sales? How to apply the psychology of color to a packaging strategy?

The jewelry industry – a shining example of ethical packaging

Ethical jewelry packaging

Issues of sustainability, as well as socially responsible business practices, are high on the agenda in any line of business. The jewelry industry is a great example to illustrate how ethical packaging for earrings, watches, rings and necklaces can be a more attractive and more responsible experience for customers. Learn more about the ethics of the jewelry industry