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The value of a brand is dependent on how recognizable it is. Packaging is thus an integral part of your brand equity!

The power of a brand color

brand color in supermarkets

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But when it comes to packaging, beauty means big business. With customers making split-second purchasing decisions, the striking beauty of packaging makes or breaks the brand. As a part of that X-factor, color is a crucial component in the way a brand’s packaging is perceived. Read more…

How damaging are packaging design mistakes for brand equity?

What about brand equity after a packaging design mistake?

Creating valuable and effective packaging for your product is a big investment and requires a lot of work. Yet, even with all the energy that goes into designing, producing and testing packaging formats, mistakes often go by unnoticed. So then what? How can you save brand equity when a flawed packaging design hits supermarket shelves? What to do to save brand equity after a mistake? Read all about it here.

The importance of secondary packaging

secondary packaging

Packaging designers are well aware of the importance of packaging for brand equity and sales, yet what about secondary packaging? For instance, if you buy a drink at your local supermarket it comes in a bottle carrying a logo you can easily recognize. But what does the crate look like the supermarket keeps the bottles in? Usually it’s a simple packaging concept with no branding whatsoever. Not a good idea, according to a recent study conducted by Clemson University and Rehrig Pacific Company. Read all about secondary packaging and how it can boost sales!

Does great packaging design need high-value finishing effects?

Great packaging design by Signal

High-value finishing effects can be an effective way to differentiate your brand, making it stand out in stores. This is no regularity for all brands though. Think for example of expensive products like the famous red wine Chateauneuf-du-Pape in comparison to a small priced product like toothpaste: it’s the exclusive wine that has the plain look, while the toothpaste has the shiny luxurious packaging design with high-value finishing effectsRead more…

Tropicana packaging – Case study 2009 & 2012

Old and new Tropicana packaging

Tropicana is an interesting case to prove the importance of both brand recognition and “shiny packaging”. After redesigning their packaging in 2009, sales for their premium orange juice dropped 19%. This drop in sales can partly be attributed to the change of colors and effects resulting in less bright and shiny packaging which doesn’t stand out as much on the shelf. Read more…

The importance of packaging in marketing | Rory Sutherland

What is the essence of marketing? A question every marketer will answer differently. Most answers will underline the importance of understanding the customer, although the approach can differ immensely from company to company.

While there is no right answer to the question, we do find the opinion of Rory Sutherland to be worth considering. Rory Sutherland is Vice Chairman of Ogilvy and a world-renowned speaker at events like TEDx and iStrategy. His opinion is that psychology is the basis of a good marketing strategy, something we often forget in the digital world where data is abundant and decisions are usually based on numbers instead of ideas. Read more…