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Great packaging design is more than just translating your brand identity to a piece of cardboard or plastic. Create packaging with real added value!

Will this innovation provoke a revolution in tin can packaging?

Tin can packaging has been looking more or less the same since the 1970’s. With the introduction of WingTab that might change soon …

Since the ’70s, the design of tin can pull tabs has remained mostly unchanged. Now WingTab is introducing a new kind of tab that might make a huge impact on the beverage packaging industry. Most notably, it’s a lot larger than your traditional tab, which, according to the company, makes it easier for the consumer to open. More importantly, though, the new tab creates all kinds of marketing opportunities that were previously simply impossible. Will this invention offer new marketing opportunities?

The best packaging design ideas on Pinterest

Discover the best ideas on Pinterest for packaging designers.

Where do packaging designers go if they need inspiration for their next project? Their local supermarket, for starters, might be a good idea; shelves upon shelves of packaging sweetness is just there for the taking! Obviously, the Internet is a great source of inspiration too, if you know where to look, that is. In recent years, Pinterest has grown in popularity and scope and it’s now one of the biggest sources of inspiration for anyone who has to be creative on a regular basis. Let’s explore some of Pinterest’s best packaging design ideas! Find out how to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration.

Smart packaging: what does it take?

What is smart packaging?

Smart packaging is so much more than designing a suitable container for your product. It requires a company to assess the full packaging process. Aspects such as functionality, costs, materials, branding requirements, as well as transporting a product safely from the manufacturer to the customer all have to be taken into account. Smart packaging really is about optimizing the entire process from start to finish. Learn more about smart packaging!

The future of interactive packaging: “Will electronics change the industry?”

interactive packaging

New technological innovations mean the packaging world can go further and further in increasing the interaction between the consumer and the product. Recently, we have seen built-in electronics in packaging to enhance the experience of the end-user. Will these developments one day be the standard for all packaging, or is interactive packaging a passing trend? Explore the fascinating world of interactive packaging!

Hat-trick scoring packs: the best World Cup inspired packaging

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing packaging designers around the world come up with redesigns in honor of the competition. Read on!

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil is in full swing, and so is merchandising inspired by the major soccer event. As teams around the world put their best foot forward to beat their rivals, so do packaging designers from Algeria to Uruguay. By creating eye-catching product packaging focused on the World Cup, they try to win over the toughest football adversaries and inspire the most fervent football-minded consumers around the world. Discover the best World Cup inspired packaging!

Let’s talk trash art! Recycling taken to a whole new level

trash art

If this blog makes one thing clear it is that creative packaging designs – apart from improving sales – can be very inspirational. So much so that you might even call some designs “art”. In this article we’ll explore some of the most creative and artful expressions of used packaging materials. As it turns out, many artists are inspired by “trash”, using it to their advantage in their own work. Let’s talk trash art! Take a look at these amazing trash art examples!