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Great packaging design is more than just translating your brand identity to a piece of cardboard or plastic. Create packaging with real added value!

Exploring the fine line between retro packaging design and old-fashioned design

retro packaging design

Retro packaging design has to look “old”, while at the same time exude “newness” and “creativity”. Indeed, it’s a fine line between the two, especially for a packaging designer whose job it is to make attractive, original concepts. Nonetheless, there are some pretty marvelous retro designs out there, well worth your time. Rediscover retro packaging design!

‘To go’ food packaging: 8 finger licking good designs

to go food packaging

Over recent years people’s lives have increasingly become more stressful: work, family, friends and a bunch of hobbies have resulted in a hasty life style – we don’t even allow ourselves a proper  home-cooked lunch most of the time! ‘On the go’ is now our preferred way of enjoying a sandwich or salad dish. The packaging industry does its best to provide us with all kinds of ‘to go’ food packaging ideas and dishes we can open and eat while walking or driving. Some of these offer little from a design perspective, others are pieces of cardboard art that truly deserve your full attention before they’re thrown in the bin. Discover the best ‘to go’ food packaging designs!

How to stand out on the shelf when practicality is more important than innovation?

How to stand out on the shelf when innovative packaging is not the answer?

Some retail markets are driven by innovative packaging designs, while others are more restrictive. What strategy can packaging designers use to make their products stand out on the shelves, when innovation is out of the question? It’s a matter that’s been bugging many designers and one that doesn’t have a clear-cut answer, unfortunately. Nevertheless, we will make an attempt. Discover how to stand out without being innovative.

Need a dose of packaging design inspiration?

packaging design inspiration

Coming up with exquisite and original packaging concepts on a daily basis can be quite demanding. Being only human after all, packaging designers can sometimes suffer from a creative block. Going through such a period, it’s important for any creative person to nourish inspiration and look for new perspectives to overcome this creative drought. Luckily, the internet is a great source of packaging design inspiration. We’ve selected some of the very best packaging concepts, serving one goal and one goal only: getting you, the packaging designer, back on track in no time. Ready? Have a look at our selection of inspirational packaging designs!

The benefits of self-heating food packaging

self heating packaging

One of the most promising innovations in the packaging world of recent times has to be self-heating food packaging. The technique, currently in development at a number of renowned packaging companies around the world, should make it easy for consumers to enjoy a hot beverage or snack on the go. The new application looks specifically useful for young mothers who need to feed their baby but don’t have access to a micro-wave oven or boiling water. For now, the special packaging is applied mainly in the military. Discover all about self-heating food packaging!