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dress shirt packaging

Creative dress shirt packaging – folding made easy …

Is it really necessary for shirt packaging to be so wasteful? The combination of plastic, cardboard, tissue paper and hidden pins can be really hard to unpack, restock in the store and disassemble at home. Can’t shirt packaging be made more consumer-friendly?

graphic design

10 exciting graphic designs that will inspire you

Image is everything, especially in advertising. However, some brands succeed better at capturing our attention via a billboard, a piece of packaging or a commercial than others. Here are 10 of the best graphic designs we’ve come across lately.

Check out this interesting take on the classic cigarette pack

Created to frustrate – Meet the Diamond Carton cigarette pack

Accessibility, portability, branding and manufacturing are high on any cigarette pack designer’s list. When Erik Askin started working on his new design, however, he wanted the packet to be anything but practical. It was his goal to create the world’s most annoying and inefficient cigarette pack and in doing so encourage smokers to quit.

wine bottle packaging

So you think you know what a wine bottle looks like? Check out this design!

Wine bottles all look the same, right? Well, sort of. Once in a while a radically new design pops up and questions everything we know. Such as this wine bottle design for Petit Bocal, made by a student.

christmas packaging strategy

Have you considered your Christmas packaging strategy yet?

The holiday season is upon us. For most of us that means a time of gift-giving and celebrating. For packaging designers it’s the time of year to get creative! Christmas packaging is only effective when it brings something extra to the table. Are you up to the challenge? Here are three tips to help you […]

Spanish design agency Txaber came up with beautiful Pantone-colored beer can packaging. Would you buy one?

A can of Pantone colored beer, anyone?

Spanish design agency Txaber recently came up with several beer can designs which take on the Pantone color of their content. From light pale ale, to an imperial stout, all beer colors are represented in this concept packaging design. The question is: If these so-called Pantone cans and bottles go to market, will they sell?