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Great packaging design is more than just translating your brand identity to a piece of cardboard or plastic. Create packaging with real added value!

Hat-trick scoring packs: the best World Cup inspired packaging

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing packaging designers around the world come up with redesigns in honor of the competition. Read on!

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil is in full swing, and so is merchandising inspired by the major soccer event. As teams around the world put their best foot forward to beat their rivals, so do packaging designers from Algeria to Uruguay. By creating eye-catching product packaging focused on the World Cup, they try to win over the toughest football adversaries and inspire the most fervent football-minded consumers around the world. Discover the best World Cup inspired packaging!

Let’s talk trash art! Recycling taken to a whole new level

trash art

If this blog makes one thing clear it is that creative packaging designs – apart from improving sales – can be very inspirational. So much so that you might even call some designs “art”. In this article we’ll explore some of the most creative and artful expressions of used packaging materials. As it turns out, many artists are inspired by “trash”, using it to their advantage in their own work. Let’s talk trash art! Take a look at these amazing trash art examples!

“Design is intelligence made visible” – the world’s best packaging quotes

packaging quotes

A lot has been written about design and packaging – a quick search on Google provides thousands of results! As most of you probably don’t have the time to read them all, we’ve collected some of the best packaging quotes. Quirky, smart or downright funny, these are no doubt the best lines on packaging you will read today. We hope they provide you with some new, creative ideas! Read on to discover the most powerful packaging related quotes!

10 top packaging designers that will inspire you

packaging designers

We are all bombarded with packaging on a daily basis. With so many new products on display every month, it’s hard to keep up the pace for all you packaging aficionados. That’s why we came up with a list of top packaging designers and their finest work! Read more…

Imaginative, out of the box, shoe packaging designs

shoe packaging design

Is there any limit to the imaginative power of packaging designers, when even the most straightforward of products, like a pair of shoes, becomes packaging gold in their hands? Common shoe boxes don’t do for these creative minds, so they come up with something more – and quite extraordinary. We’ve collected some of the most extraordinary and downright ingenious shoe packaging designs of recent times. Get ready to be amazed by shoe packaging designs.

Exploring the fine line between retro packaging design and old-fashioned design

retro packaging design

Retro packaging design has to look “old”, while at the same time exude “newness” and “creativity”. Indeed, it’s a fine line between the two, especially for a packaging designer whose job it is to make attractive, original concepts. Nonetheless, there are some pretty marvelous retro designs out there, well worth your time. Rediscover retro packaging design!