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Labels & tags may seem insignificant compared to packaging, in-store displays … With some creativity they can be extremely effective though!

What are the new rules for food allergen labeling?

food labeling information

Since December 2014, new rules apply for food allergen labeling. Labeling rules in European Directives ensure that all consumers are given comprehensive ingredient listing information and make it easier for people with food allergies to identify products they need to avoid. The new regulation introduces a new requirement for allergen information to be provided for foods sold non-packed or pre-packed for direct sale. Discover the new labeling rules for food packaging …

Creating a brand identity with your logo

Logos are great to create a brand identity. As such, they help build customer loyalty and contribute to brand awareness. Learn more here!

Logos come in all shapes and sizes, yet they all serve the same goal: to help shape brand identity and trigger brand awareness of consumers. Evidently, logo and package design are firmly intertwined and one cannot exist without the other. In this article we’ll go over the attributes of a great logo as a brand identity building mechanism. Learn how to create a brand identity with your logo!

Product naming and label design – easy as 1, 2, 3?

Check out this amazingly effective product name and label design

“Nomen est omen”, or so the saying goes. Yet, coming up with a suitable name for your brand new product can sometimes be problematic. For their new line of spirits, Gargalo gave each variety a number: simple but effective! The logo and packaging design are equally straightforward. We explore some of the basics in product naming and label design.

Improve your product label design with these tips

Discover the secrets of product label design

Apart from packaging design, product label design is one of the key elements consumers pay attention to – either consciously or unconsciously – when shopping for groceries at their local supermarket. Adequate label design should, at the very least, include the brand name. Yet to be truly effective it has to contain pertinent product and marketing information, as well. Time to unveil the secrets of effective label design. Discover what effective product label design is all about.

Why gluten-free packaging is important

gluten free packaging

Have you ever wondered how people suffering from celiac disease and gluten allergies do their groceries? One of their daily routines consists of studying the ingredients lists on food packaging boxes. Luckily, packaging designers and food brands can make their lives a lot easier. How? By simply adding a subtle yet clear ‘gluten free’ label or icon on the packaging, when applicable. Read more on gluten-free packaging.

The road to product label design success

product label design

A product label has to meet certain standards if it wishes to capture consumers’ attention in a retail environment. Therefore careful consideration is necessary before stepping to the drawing table. Let’s go over some of the most important issues that constitute effective labeling. Discover some of the most important product labeling issues.