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Labels & tags may seem insignificant compared to packaging, in-store displays … With some creativity they can be extremely effective though!

Why gluten-free packaging is important

gluten free packaging

Have you ever wondered how people suffering from celiac disease and gluten allergies do their groceries? One of their daily routines consists of studying the ingredients lists on food packaging boxes. Luckily, packaging designers and food brands can make their lives a lot easier. How? By simply adding a subtle yet clear ‘gluten free’ label or icon on the packaging, when applicable. Read more on gluten-free packaging.

The road to product label design success

product label design

A product label has to meet certain standards if it wishes to capture consumers’ attention in a retail environment. Therefore careful consideration is necessary before stepping to the drawing table. Let’s go over some of the most important issues that constitute effective labeling. Discover some of the most important product labeling issues.

Food packaging labels ‘Free of’ are real product sellers!

food packaging free of gluten

Many food products carry labels that give the consumer information about what’s in it and what’s not. A recent study reveals that especially the latter – i.e. labels that give information about what’s not in the product – are the real sellers. Consumers are even willing to pay more for products that include negative information on whatever the product is “free of”. Discover the power of food packaging labels ‘free of’!

Creative packaging: using optical illusions on wine labels

Optical illusions on wine labels

An optical illusion happens when our brain perceives an image differently than it is in reality. Optical illusions take various forms: it can give the impression that an image is moving, that its color differs from the objective reality, or that it embodies more than one representation. Several companies have used this kind of tricks on their packaging. The examples being numerous, let’s focus on some wine labels! Read more…