jar cap
May 4, 2015

No more struggles opening a jar cap. Meet The Orbit …

Glass jars can be a pain to open, especially if you’re dealing with a vacuum-sealed one. Sometimes you wish you could just smash a hammer into the thing, don’t you? Now, if young designer’s hands have problems opening jar caps, imagine the frustration of parents and grandparents across the globe? That’s why Crown Holdings came […]

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dress shirt packaging
April 30, 2015

Creative dress shirt packaging – folding made easy …

Is it really necessary for shirt packaging to be so wasteful? The combination of plastic, cardboard, tissue paper and hidden pins can be really hard to unpack, restock in the store and disassemble at home. Can’t shirt packaging be made more consumer-friendly?

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luxury takeaway food packaging
April 27, 2015

Luxury takeaway food comes in luxury packaging …

Takeaway food has long been neglected by packaging designers. Back in the day, fast food and pizza chains were happy to serve their dishes in plain boxes, containing little to no images. Those days are long gone however. Today, certain restaurants offer luxury takeaway meals in fitting luxury packaging.

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brand equity pyramid
April 24, 2015

What packaging designers can learn from the brand equity pyramid …

Keller’s brand equity pyramid is a valuable instrument for marketers everywhere. However, packaging designers can make use of the tool as well to create packaging designs that will have a lasting impact on consumers. Let’s dive into some marketing theory!

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food packaging logo
April 20, 2015

10 inspirational food packaging logos

The logo on your packaging is one of the first things customers relate to when scanning the supermarket aisles. Therefore, an attractive and recognizable logo is crucial to build a customer base. With regard to food packaging, however, the logo might prove a challenge in terms of space as nutritional information and ingredients have to […]

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food labeling information
April 17, 2015

What are the new rules for food allergen labeling?

Since December 2014, new rules apply for food allergen labeling. Labeling rules in European Directives ensure that all consumers are given comprehensive ingredient listing information and make it easier for people with food allergies to identify products they need to avoid. The new regulation introduces a new requirement for allergen information to be provided for […]

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