How to be creative with seed packaging?

Seed packaging seems like a rather straightforward product that can’t be enhanced, doesn’t it? Well, have a look at this design then!

How to create innovative seed packaging? This design for Miracle-Gro Gro-ables shows you! Each seed pod comes with everything you need to grow your own food: seed, soil to protect the seed and keep it moist, and plant food. It’s the perfect solution for all garden lovers who don’t want to get their hands dirty. Plus, the seed packaging looks way better than all those middle-of-the-road seed bags, doesn’t it? Sure seed packaging can be creative!

Chocolate packaging you can sink your teeth into? Have a bite!

Are you a fan of art? And do you like chocolate? Check out this creative chocolate packaging design then. Even better: you can eat it!

How do you exude chocolate deliciousness through packaging? It’s a question many packaging designers struggle with as they try to come up with new and “tasty” chocolate packaging concepts. Nendo, a Japan based packaging company, designed a set of chocolate paint tubes that look good enough to eat. And in fact, … you can! This chocolate packaging is irresistible

The 5 food packaging innovations of the decade

These last 10 years, there have been quite a lot of food packaging innovations. Let’s have a look at 5 of them.

Technology is one of the driving forces behind packaging innovations in the recent decade. Many of these technological advancements lead to new and improved packaging processes, especially in the field of food packaging. Recycling is one of the most important developments but so are repurposing, packaging elimination and size reduction. Let’s have an in depth look at those. Check these food packaging innovations!

Recycle your drink bottle, feed a stray dog

Discover how stray dogs can convince you to recycle you drink bottles. You might save a stray dog’s life!

How can we get people to recycle? Governments all over the world are struggling with this very issue. Perhaps this innovative recycling bin by Turkish company Pugedon might help! For every empty plastic bottle you put in the bin, the machine fills up a bowl of kibble for the stray dogs to enjoy. Brilliant! Discover this great recycling/dog feeding device!

Feed your craving for chocolate with these 10 confectionery packaging designs

confectionery packaging

It’s a well-known fact that brands have only 3 seconds on average to persuade supermarket customers to buy their product. Consequently, there is a trend for all confectionery packaging materials to become increasingly sophisticated. Let’s have a look at some of the most striking examples. Check out these confectionery packaging designs!

The world’s smallest shoebox design for the world’s most flexible shoe

Nike’s new Free model is a stand-out shoe, not only for its amazing flexibility but also for its innovative packaging. Discover what they did here!

A company that really strives to cut down on packaging costs not only has to rethink the packaging design, but the product design as well. A fine example of cost-saving eco packaging design is presented to us by Nike. Their new Nike Free model is so flexible the shoes can be folded together, needing only 1/3 of cardboard packaging compared to a traditional shoe box. Check this great shoe box design by Nike!