The benefits of recycling glass packaging

The benefits of recycling glass packaging

While glass containers are far from ideal for shipping purposes – they are heavy, take up a lot of space in trucks and are prone to breaking – the benefits of glass packaging far outweigh the disadvantages. Recycling glass is easy, saves an incredible amount of raw materials, lessens the demand for energy and cuts CO2 emissions. This article covers some of the most striking advantages of glass as a packaging material. Discover the benefits of recycling glass packaging.

Will smart tags change the food packaging world?

smart tags on food packaging

Chinese scientists have developed “smart tags” that might just bring an end to the smell test consumers often have to carry out to figure out whether or not a carton of milk has gone sour of if eggs are still edible. The small gel-like tags, about the size of a corn kernel, change color when food has gone bad, even before the packaging has been opened, and can be stuck to any food container, according to the creators. Discover the new smart tags!

Need a dose of packaging design inspiration?

packaging design inspiration

Coming up with exquisite and original packaging concepts on a daily basis can be quite demanding. Being only human after all, packaging designers can sometimes suffer from a creative block. Going through such a period, it’s important for any creative person to nourish inspiration and look for new perspectives to overcome this creative drought. Luckily, the internet is a great source of packaging design inspiration. We’ve selected some of the very best packaging concepts, serving one goal and one goal only: getting you, the packaging designer, back on track in no time. Ready? Have a look at our selection of inspirational packaging designs!

WikiPearl: the future of edible food packaging?

edible food packaging

The packaging world is in a constant struggle to find new and more eco-friendly ways to pack food products. Reducing packaging waste has become the number one goal of many academics and packaging designers around the world. One of the most ingenious inventions of late in that area is WikiPearl, a meatball sized lozenge that consists of a soft edible core and a harder shell – also edible, much like the skin of a grape. Discover this incredible edible food packaging

The benefits of self-heating food packaging

self heating packaging

One of the most promising innovations in the packaging world of recent times has to be self-heating food packaging. The technique, currently in development at a number of renowned packaging companies around the world, should make it easy for consumers to enjoy a hot beverage or snack on the go. The new application looks specifically useful for young mothers who need to feed their baby but don’t have access to a micro-wave oven or boiling water. For now, the special packaging is applied mainly in the military. Discover all about self-heating food packaging!