Selling products online? Get your labeling information right

How to get your labeling information right when selling online food? Check here!

As of 2015 products sold online should come with the exact same labeling information (production details, nutritional facts, ingredients) as their physical counterparts. When you’re managing multiple versions of the same product this can become a real challenge. Proper packaging and content management software has become even more essential to ensure the quality of your packaging while adhering to all regulations. Find out all about the latest labeling legislation!

Created to frustrate – Meet the Diamond Carton cigarette pack

Check out this interesting take on the classic cigarette pack

Accessibility, portability, branding and manufacturing are high on any cigarette pack designer’s list. When Erik Askin started working on his new design, however, he wanted the packet to be anything but practical. It was his goal to create the world’s most annoying and inefficient cigarette pack and in doing so encourage smokers to quit. Read more…

How the invention of vacuum food packaging changed the food industry

Discover what the invention of vacuum food packaging meant

Today the use of vacuum packaging is nearly universal in the food manufacturing industry. However, the technology to draw oxygen away from food and vacuum seal it for a longer shelf life is relatively new. Invented in the 1940s the new technology radically changed how food was presented in stores. Discover how vacuum packaging was invented!

Ready for 1169/2011? Choose the proper packaging design software

Discover our packaging design software

From the end of 2014 onwards, a lot of changes are taking place in European food packaging legislation 1169/2011. Fonts have to be more legible and all nutritional and administration information has to be included on the package, among other things. In order to be compliant with the new set of rules, proper packaging design software is needed. Luckily, Esko can provide. Find out about our packaging design software!