“Why do people buy bottled drinking water?”

Why drink packaged water when you can just as easily drink water from the tap? The answer is: because of the packaging.

There isn’t a product in the world as universal as still water. No matter where you go or what brand you buy, in essence, all water is roughly the same: it looks the same and it tastes, more or less, the same. Find out what is so attractive about packaged drinking water!

The attractions of personalized packaging

Personalized packaging might be a niche, but it’s one that can really boost sales in a highly competitive market. Learn more!

Few brands bother with personalized packaging. That’s a shame because a level of personalization in packaging really appeals to customers. Your own name on a bottle of shampoo, for instance, is surprisingly effective in creating an emotional bond between the product and the consumer. Find out what’s so great about personalized packaging!

Packaging safety issues: looks aren’t everything

Packaging safety has become a real issue in the 20th century. Things like food preservation, transport and child safety are essential these days.

Packaging has to look good on the shelf in order to sell, yet it has to do more than that. Packaging has to deal with certain safety issues, too. Food packaging, for instance, has to preserve the product inside, while products containing harmful chemicals have to be child proof. Not to mention the transport safety requirements modern day products have to meet. What are the most important packaging safety issues?

Sand packaging: ephemeral, beautiful and ecological

Sand packaging is made from the one resource material the earth will never grow short of: sand. Discover the possibilities!

What if we could use one of the few materials planet earth will never grow short of: sand? With sand as the prime resource material for packaging, ecological challenges would disappear overnight as sand is clean and 100 percent recyclable! What if we told you sand packaging already exists? What is sand packaging? Learn all about it here!

Will this innovation provoke a revolution in tin can packaging?

Tin can packaging has been looking more or less the same since the 1970’s. With the introduction of WingTab that might change soon …

Since the ’70s, the design of tin can pull tabs has remained mostly unchanged. Now WingTab is introducing a new kind of tab that might make a huge impact on the beverage packaging industry. Most notably, it’s a lot larger than your traditional tab, which, according to the company, makes it easier for the consumer to open. More importantly, though, the new tab creates all kinds of marketing opportunities that were previously simply impossible. Will this invention offer new marketing opportunities?