Biodegradable chocolate packaging – eat a bar, grow a plant

biodegradable chocolate packaging

Packaging designers are always looking for new and innovative ways to tackle the waste problem. Biodegradable packaging is a no-brainer: the packaging dissolves overtime, leaving no waste whatsoever. The only problem is, it can’t be used for every type of product. However, that didn’t stop designer Connor Davey, when he came up with Bloom Everlasting Chocolate. Discover this amazing biodegradable chocolate packaging design!

Choosing the right food packaging solution for your product …

food packaging solution

The packaging world is incredibly innovative and technology moves really fast. Designers and producers literally have hundreds of packaging solutions and materials to choose from. In this article we will give you a strategy to pick the right material for your food product. How to choose the right packaging solution?

4 tips to designing water bottles consumers will appreciate

water bottles

If there is such a thing as a homogeneous product, it would have to be water. So brands have to distinguish their product from those of competitors in other ways, which leads us to original bottle designs. Here are some important issues to consider. How to create an original water bottle?

What does cosmetics packaging for children look like?

cosmetics packaging

Beauty products are for “the young at heart”, or so the cosmetics industry would have us believe. In reality, though, a lot of young adolescents and teenagers spend thousands of dollars on skin creams, make-up products and perfume. The industry eagerly indulges, offering special “children’s cosmetics packages”. Learn more about cosmetics children for children.

Product descriptions for food packaging – say what your customers want to hear

product description packaging

Which words speak directly to your consumers? What qualities distinguish your product from the competition? Select your product descriptions for food packages carefully as they might reveal more about your product than you might want. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice. How to win over customers with adequate product descriptions?