The psychology of color in food packaging

food packaging color

More than 90 percent of shoppers make snap judgments about products based on color alone. In other words, the psychology of color greatly impacts our behavior in-store. Red, for instance, triggers our appetite more than any other hue by stimulating our emotional responses and memory triggers. Red is, however, also the color that implies danger in most cultures across the globe. How then can food packaging designers and brands use color to boost sales? How to apply the psychology of color to a packaging strategy?

The jewelry industry – a shining example of ethical packaging

Ethical jewelry packaging

Issues of sustainability, as well as socially responsible business practices, are high on the agenda in any line of business. The jewelry industry is a great example to illustrate how ethical packaging for earrings, watches, rings and necklaces can be a more attractive and more responsible experience for customers. Learn more about the ethics of the jewelry industry

Inspiration in a flash – product photography done right

product photography

With online shops booming, the importance of packaging photography increases exponentially. Online shoppers want to see what they get so the visual representation of the product and its packaging are essential. Simply taking a picture isn’t enough. Product and packaging photography require a specific approach. Here we’ll present 10 examples, carefully selected to inspire (aspiring) packaging photographers. 10 great product photographs!

Want to design attractive luxury packaging? Use two-piece boxes!

luxury packaging

Two-piece boxes are very popular for packaging luxury items such as biscuits, lingerie and cosmetics. The shiny cardboard laminated boxes are tremendously attractive in turned edge, giving your product a distinct sense of luxuriousness. On the downside, luxury packaging can make a product more expensive. Charging $50 extra for a $60 product might not be the best sales strategy. Discover the charm of two-piece boxes!